Time Warrior Movie

A pirated first person shooter video game will turn a timid teenager into the ultimate time traveling weapon. When a pirate version of the most popular -first person shooter (FPS) video game e.g., Call of Duty- lands in the hands of Matt and Jimmy, they immediately think is the coolest video game they have ever… More »

JAGUAR FILMS is an independent production company based in Las Vegas, NV. The Company was founded in 2007 by Michael Halverson out his love, passion and commitment to the art of quality filmmaking. Our objective is to unite an impressive team of creative individuals for the purpose of developing and producing quality films and television… More »

The Video Game

Time Warrior Video Game

Time Warrior will be a first-person and third-person shooter video game intended to create series franchise.

The video game will combine elements of the most popular warfare video games of the decade with a unique twist: Each level of Time Warrior video game will be set in A different historical battles. The franchise will grow in the same fashion that the “Call of Duty video game” series did, using the real chronology of historical warfare.

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